Business Solutions

Every day you have to ensure the quality of your products to your customers and meet national and international standards. To do this, you need state-of-the-art testing technology and the corresponding services.

With FOERSTER Business Solutions, we offer you a comprehensive package of services for your testing and measuring systems. These include hardware and software services, flexible financing solutions, comprehensive application consulting and customer-specific training. We build your specific solution according to your requirements. Thus, your solution comprises exactly the services you need.

The name FOERSTER is synonymous with the highest product quality in non-destructive materials testing. The basis for this is our many years of experience, an extreme production depth and the use of premium components. We offer you the appropriate services to ensure that your instruments and systems function flawlessly over their entire lifetime.

With our service contracts you receive exactly the services you need to ensure your testing process. For example, calibration, maintenance, repair or training can all be included.

Calibration means comparing with a known quantity. The regular recalibration of your systems and instruments is important to maintain and prove the high quality of your test and measurement results. With a calibration contract, you will reliably achieve this goal and, by the way, be well prepared for the next audit.

Our calibration service includes the inspection of your FOERSTER systems or instruments for perfect function and compliance with the performance parameters so that you can continue to rely on your test and measurement results. In the case of a repair, this will be carried out directly by us, if feasible. We also offer to take over the complete calibration management for your instruments and will automatically contact you to arrange appointments for future calibrations, so you can focus on your core competencies.

FOERSTER Calibration Contract

FOERSTER Calibration Contract (us-letter)

Regular and qualified maintenance increases the service life of your systems and reduces unplanned downtime. With a maintenance contract the specified servicing cycles are taken into account. We are happy to take over the monitoring of scheduled inspections and plan the maintenance of your systems together with you in good time.

Due to the modular structure of our Business Solutions modules, we can combine the services as you wish, thus achieving the maximum benefit for you. For example, calibration and maintenance can be combined and carried out simultaneously.

To determine and assess the actual condition of your system, we offer you regular inspections to detect possible signs of wear at an early stage and to initiate countermeasures. This reduces the risk of system failure and keeps the number of wear-related downtimes to a minimum.

As part of our inspection contract, we agree in advance on the periodical inspection of your testing and measuring systems.

With our calibration, inspection and maintenance contract you reduce unplanned downtimes that can severely disrupt your production process and result in loss of sales or even recall actions.

In case of repair, our worldwide operating service engineers are available to you quickly at any time. You can send your FOERSTER instruments for repair either to our qualified subsidiaries and representatives or directly to our headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany. A precise description of the problem helps us and saves you time and costs.

We will be pleased to carry out a repair according to an individual order or as part of a service contract. The service contract provides you with defined response times, long-term plannable costs over several years and a simplified process flow.

For the determination of magnetic parameters we offer contract measurements on your test parts. These measurements are performed for the following parameters in accordance with international standards and traceable national standards of the PTB Braunschweig:

  • Coercive field strength HcJ
  • Saturation magnetization σS
  • Relative permeability µr
  • Magnetic residual field

FOERSTER has extensive knowledge in this field as the required measuring devices are developed and produced in-house. You will therefore benefit from state-of-the-art contract measuring services in a trained and innovative environment.

For further information on magnetics products and services, please go to our corresponding website:

Do you operate test systems from different manufacturers? You want to reduce your organizational effort and ensure a uniform quality of the service process? Then feel free to contact us. Together with you, we will develop and implement a manufacturer-independent service concept that meets your requirements for highly qualified and process-adapted service.

Problems do not always adhere to normal working hours, so we have set up a 24/7 service hotline that you can reach 365 days a year. FOERSTER service specialists already initiate the systematic error analysis on the telephone. You can reach our service hotline in emergencies on +49 7121 140-222, which is of course also part of our service contracts.

For an initial analysis we offer our remote service, which ideally reduces unplanned downtime. Support requests are analyzed online by our service specialists; the causes can thus be specifically evaluated and, at best, depending on the fault analysis, resolved remotely. If on-site intervention is necessary, a detailed action plan is prepared.

Remote service also enables problem clarifications and solutions to be found, in the case of software installation or configuration issues. Of course, software updates can also be installed via remote maintenance. Also, the integration of purchased software options usually does not require an on-site service engineer. Of course, remote service is also included in our service contracts.

We offer you not only the latest test systems as well as measuring and detection devices that set technological standards, but also the corresponding financing models. These are always individually tailored to you to ensure that they fit your current situation exactly. Therefore, you can choose between purchase, financing, leasing and our Life Cycle Contract.

With the Life Cycle Contract you use your FOERSTER test or measurement system, including the selected services, for a defined contract period at a fixed monthly rate - without upfront investment.

We offer you customer-specific solutions along your production process: from individually configured test and measurement systems to commissioning, calibration and regular preventive maintenance up to the training of your employees.

We will work with your specific needs to decide which of our Business Solutions modules are included in your life cycle contract.

FOERSTER Life Cycle Contract

FOERSTER Life Cycle Contract (us-letter)

Powerful, state-of-the-art testing and measuring systems generate a decisive competitive advantage. For this reason we offer you FOERSTER 0% financing and FOERSTER 0% leasing for our technology. This enables you to acquire or use a new testing or measuring system without using your own capital and without additional costs, because the financing or leasing price corresponds to the purchase price.

FOERSTER Financing

FOERSTER Financing (us-letter)

We do not keep our vast expertise to ourselves. It is important to us that you can operate your instrument optimally.

User trainings & service and maintenance trainings

We regularly offer comprehensive operator and user training courses for our instruments. In order to ensure that you and your employees can optimally operate the FOERSTER test electronics and sensor systems in daily practice, our training courses are practice-oriented. Thus, in addition to basics and hands-on, the most important parameters for adaptation to the respective test line and test task are in the focus.

In addition, we offer in-depth service and maintenance training courses. We can adapt the respective training contents to your individual requirements. On request, we will come directly to your premises for the training. In this way, the contents can be conveyed in a practice-oriented manner on the respective test line. Alternatively, we would be pleased to welcome you to one of our various training centers at your local subsidiary or in Reutlingen, Germany.

Geophysical test field

In order to successfully drive product development in the field of UXO detection and archeological prospection and perform testing in a highly life-like environment, FOERSTER has constructed a special large outdoor testing facility covering approximately 1 ha. Detection objects can be placed in defined locations in an underground tube system to localize them with corresponding detectors. The compound contains the typical soil conditions from different locations around the world, thus making it possible to realistically demonstrate the use of detectors. All points and positions within the compound are georeferenced.

The area is also ideal for training for implementing the theoretical and device-specific information imparted in the training course immediately in practical exercises. FOERSTER integrates the training within this compound in seminars, but also offers the unique testing opportunities of this facility to companies and organizations which can integrate their own test scenarios. Under our expert guidance, we therefore train specialists who can apply their knowledge immediately in practice.

FOERSTER has application laboratories specially equipped to deal with customer requests at various locations to provide comprehensive and individual advice for specific customer requests. Fitted with the latest test equipment, the application laboratories are ideally prepared to find solutions for their specific applications. We are able to comprehensively test a multitude of products, from fine wire to steel bars and heavy long products such as billets, API tubes and rail tracks. We are also able to simulate even complex test lines at our technical facilities, from ultrasound testing to eddy current test lines and thermography test lines. The optimal result for both technical equipment and the correct settings parameters are determined from samples provided by customers. FOERSTER's special team of application engineers carry out this work. They are in close contact with the developers and have extensive application knowledge thanks to their long-standing experience at FOERSTER. The results are presented to you in a comprehensive report and can also be discussed in person if required.

We provide the following services at our application laboratories:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Developing individual customer solutions that account for your technical and organizational framework conditions
  • Optimizing the settings parameters of your testing system
  • Test runs for customer-specific hardware and software solutions developed in-house
  • Advice on applications, at your own premises, if required

We also perform application testing for all new test tasks at our application laboratories so as to continuously improve our products and expand their scope of application. As a result, we are always ahead when it comes to new customer requirements.

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