NDT Produkte & Systeme Ltd. was founded in 1991, as a trading representative, trader, producer and  service provider for machines and systems for non-destructive testing of materials as well as the delivery of accessories and consumables for them. Since 1991 the company is a representative of the Institut Dr. Foerster GmbH & Co. KG and Magnetische Pruefanlagen GmbH.

NDT Produkte & Systeme Ltd. offers the delivery, warranty and post-warranty service for eddy current equipment and automated eddy current test lines for inspection of pipes, bars, profiles and components.


Delivery, warranty and post warranty service and calibration for:

  • Portable devices for crack detection and measuring of electrical conductivity.  Eddy current probes.
  • Devices for contaminated-sites detection, geomagnetic prospection, magnetic field measurement and material characteristic figures.
  • Automatic non-destructive testing of semi-finished products for the metal-producing and metalworking industry.
  • Eddy current testing of safety related components and parts for the automotive industry.

Should you be interested in further FOERSTER products please contact us via email / the contact form. We will provide you with the necessary information. 


NDT Produkte & Systeme Ltd.

33 Prof. Tzvetan Lazarov Blvd.
Business center 33, floor 3, office 7
1592 Sofia

t +359 2 9791061
t +359 2 9790933
f +359 2 973 7601

Contact Person: Emil Angelov

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